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Vitality Week in Tallin | Swissôtel

I am very happy to publish another travel post on my blog. As you saw via Instagram, this week I spent a few days in the Estonian capital "Tallinn". For me it was extremely exciting, because I was in Estonia / Tallin for the first time. I was invited by the famous hotel group "Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts". In June the "Vitality Week" takes place in all Swissôtels which highlights the brand's focus on well-being and quality of life. It’s a great project. For example in all rooms were small sport equipments so you are encouraged to do some sports during the holiday or a business trip.

Together with the German blogger Amandine from "Lesberlinettes", I enjoyed a cool vitality program, the Swissôtel in Tallinn came up with, for us. Upon arrival, we had a delicious and healthy lunch in the restaurant, named "The Quarter". After a short trip to the old town of Tallinn we went to the „Vitality Run“ with other guests. We ran 5 km from the hotel through various parks. For me it was also a sightseeing run 🤗

In the evening, we enjoyed on the top floor of the hotel a first-class dinner in the „Horizon" restaurant. Afterwards, the evening was completed with one (or several 😉) cocktails.

The actual reason why I was invited to the Swissôtel was the Vitality Week. So after a balanced and healthy breakfast I went again to the vitality program.

The next point of the agenda was the spa area of the Swissôtel.

Especially relaxing was the one-hour massage, I was allowed to treat myself. Also the workshop where we learned how to make non-alcoholic vegan cocktails was a highlight. So all in all I enjoyed a program full of vitality activities to boost my mental and physical fitness while travelling.

I really hope to visit Tallinn soon again and maybe I'll travel to another Swissôtel to another city.

Thanks for reading and hopefully until the next travel blog. In June / July exciting projects and a few trips are on my agenda. So stay tuned ;)

Bye for now,

your Daniel 😊

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